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door Milchkutscher
za 05 dec 2009, 16:50
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Fakts of the trailers

hello truckers, in germany we only drive 40.000 kg. I interresting how heavy and how long the trailer of hobur, burg, magyar and other with or without thermo isolation. we must drive ligth trucks like iveco with small engines and we have no thermo isolation. I hope you can say me how many kg the lig...
door Milchkutscher
za 05 dec 2009, 15:14
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Hallo Melkdrivers, I am a german melkdriver so I draw in english that you understand me. I drive 14 years jansky and schwarte. today I drive a iveco with 360 ps and schwarte. the iveco take 16.000l milk and the waagon 16.000l too, but the police only likes if I drive 40.000 kg. the iveco is 13 Month...